What our stakeholders are saying about ACHARAI

MELISSA CORDISH, Class V, The Associated: 
“ACHARAI has completely changed the way I see my leadership, starting with the concept of leader, not a role but a series of behaviors that can be practiced from any chair at the table.”


AVI GREENLINGER, Class I, Shomrei Emunah Congregation: 

“ACHARAI gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, share current challenges and offer advice to one another. This experience continues to be both enlightening to me and meaningful support as well.”



“The lessons we have learned from our instructors and one another at ACHARAI have impacted my leadership, infiltrated my personal and professional relationships, and transformed my outlook and attitude. I have learned so much from powerful and intense coaching sessions, the thought-provoking and supportive peer groups, and the oral acrobats of giving a D’var Torah and organization presentation.”

FRED HEYMAN, Class V, Capital Camps: 
“Through ACHARAI’s leadership, case study, and peer-to-peer relationship, it has given me the tools and confidence to turn challenges into opportunities and to understand and appreciate the importance of collective thought and dialogue in reaching the organization’s goals.”


ASHLEY PRESSMAN, Executive Director, Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC): 

“The ACHARAI program has touched Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC) in so many meaningful ways. Karen M. Singer, past chair of JVC and participant in ACHARAI Cohort VI noted, “I so enjoyed meeting other Jewish leaders who are serving Associated agencies and programs, synagogues and other community initiatives.  ACHARAI helped me to quickly form a robust network of committed civic leaders (and new friends) to brainstorm initiatives, communication techniques and best practices—trusted confidants who are traveling similar paths, aspiring to assure that each of their respective organizations are meeting and exceeding their Jewish missions and visions.”

Ashley Pressman shares, “As a community professional supported by a board of directors, I am mindful that each leader has his/her own style and ACHARAI is great resource to both the professional and lay leaders to foster trusting and open relationships and partnerships which results in each of our organizations meeting and exceeding our goals. Together, we are stronger, better and more effective as a result of the training and resources of ACHARAI.”

Ari Israel, ACHARAI Faculty:

“The core premise of Acharai is that Jewish leadership is based on Jewish learning. Learning that begins with a focus on self-growth within the framework of a community mindset. Learning that nurtures participants to explore who they are as they self-craft their leadership story and journey ahead. Learning that is built upon the beauty of our rich heritage; translating ancient texts into modern tools that are both practical and meaningful.”

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