“I love to learn! I love to connect with caring and giving people. And I love to meet and greet friends. How could I not love the ACHARAI alumni programming which provides all three “loves” in a professional and thought provoking way? The presenters are first rate speaking on topics that everyone in the room want to discuss and truly care about. I continue to learn and to be a better leader thanks to this ACHARAI programming.”
Linda A. Hurwitz, Class I

ACHARAI is incredibly proud of its over 140 alumni and the leadership they bring to the greater Baltimore community.  They are the top leaders across spectrums of organizations and have a shared language they use to mobilize and inspire others.

Alumni could be presidents of their synagogue, agency, school board, or camp; and they may have founded a new organization to serve specific needs in the community.  You will find alumni serving on boards of organizations they have connected with because of the peers they met in ACHARAI.

While alumni of ACHARAI represent our diverse community, they share important values of collaboration, willingness to try new ways of doing things, and a dedication to continuous learning.  The alumni network becomes an important part of the rhythm of their leadership experiences, and encourages possible partnerships between organizations. They lead with the characteristics of great leaders that have come before them:  courage, humility, faith, and hope.

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