Looking for a special way to remember, honor, or recognize someone?

Sponsor one of the sessions of the ACHARAI Fellows Class VII 2018-2019! A meaningful opportunity to commemorate a yahrtzeit of a loved one; celebrate a simcha – birth, birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our Jewish tradition teaches us to do a good deed or give tzedakah to mark milestones in our family’s lives.

Sponsorship for one of the session is a minimum gift of $180, and higher amounts are welcome.
(There may be more than one sponsor per class session.)

All sponsors for a specific session will be recognized in the class materials, on the ACHARAI web site, announced by the ACHARAI faculty at the session, and listed in the annual report.
If you are interested in a sponsorship, please fill out the form below or contact Beth Gansky (bgansky@acharai.org) or Naami Schorr (nschorr@acharai.org) or call 410-843-7579.

Sponsor Class VII

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